In 2014, the human race set a new record when high-tech waste reached 41.8 million tonnes, according to a United Nations University (UNU) report. The institution also reported that less than one sixth of this waste was properly recycled. This waste is an urban goldmine of vast quantities of recyclable materials, including several precious metals such as copper, gold and platinum.  

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But above all, ‘e-waste’ is a toxic mine. The estimation of hazardous components contained in waste is 2.2 million tonnes for 2014 alone. Among these hazardous components, we find mercury, cadmium and chrome. Closer to home, in Canada, a great deal of effort is being made and several programs enable both consumers and businesses to dispose of their ‘e-waste’ properly.
All joint efforts enable nearly 40% of electronic and computer waste to be collected and disposed of, whilst respecting the environment. This means that more than 60% of ‘e-waste’ is still found today in landfill sites.


Convince the public and businesses to recycle their high-tech waste instead of sending it to the landfill, through incentives, advertising campaigns, recycling events and other unique measures.


Ensure that each part of every device is reused to its maximum potential. Intelligent recycling also means upgrading, reusing and remarketing parts or devices that are still serviceable.


When devices are received at our recycling plant, they are first sorted and separated by category. Each product category must be processed in a specific way by qualified staff.

Let’s take the example of an office computer to illustrate Green Computer’s processing and recycling sequence. A customer brings a computer to one of our collection points. We then send it to our recycling facility, where a worker places the computer in a bin for that type of product. Once that bin is full, it is sent to a disassembly station where a computer specialist disassembles each computer into 12 to 16 different components. More than half of these components are then sent to testing stations to verify that they are still operational and to check their performance.


Once the tests have been completed, defective parts are sent to processing plants for materials recycling. Some defective parts, such as hard drives, are sent to repair stations where we have achieved a success rate of better than 60%. Repaired parts are then sent to upgrading stations.


Parts in working order are sent directly to upgrade stations for final preparation. The upgrade station cleans, classifies, packages and prepares for resale parts that have successfully passed operating and performance tests. All upgraded parts will be reused in the computer market.


What the Eco-Green program ensures:

  • Recycling operations that respect the environment;
  • Sorting and disassembly of parts by qualified staff;
  • Final destruction of hard-drive data, with certificate;
  • Upgrading of parts that are still serviceable;
  • Recovery of raw materials from non-reusable parts.

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Published on May 20, 2015

We are pleased to confirm that the event held this past Saturday, May 16, at our four collection points (Carrefour Trois-Rivières-Ouest, Galeries du Cap, Plaza de la Mauricie and Grande Place des Bois-Francs) was a success right down the line! Several tonnes of computers and electronic devices are now being recycled instead of ending up in the landfill as household waste. Four 53-foot trailers were filled over the course of the day. As promised, the profits from recycling these materials will be donated to Leucan. Green Computer will write a cheque for $4,886.50 to help improve services available to sick children.

The grand prize of a $2,000 travel credit was drawn this morning in the presence of Leucan Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec representative Ms. Carol Beaudry and Mr. Martin Magny, official spokesperson for Recyclo-thon 2015. The winner is a contributor who brought merchandise to the Victoriaville collection point. This person’s name will be officially announced this weekend and photos of the event will be unveiled.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank our generous sponsors once again, as well as all our media partners and the volunteers and citizens involved, who all helped make this event a success.

We eagerly look forward to the 2016 edition of Recyclo-Thon!

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